It was love at first sight with Durrës

Once upon a time in Durrës

It all started on our first trip in 2015 when we fell in love with the beautiful region around Durrës.


The endlessly long sandy beach with its pink sunsets, the many great restaurants in the area and the friendly Albanian way made our hearts beat faster.

A journey to new beginnings

Our story

It quickly became clear to us: This special place should become an important role in our lives.


Soon we started looking for an apartment at Golem Beach. After a few detours, we found what we were looking for:  The apartment area above the Kamelija 3 resort, directly front line at the beach.


One apartment with a sea view soon became several, because we wanted to invite friends and family and the property was completing more and more apartments.

Sharing is caring

And today, almost a decade later, we are renting our “Beachfront Marilyn” apartments to visitors from all over the world to share the beautiful bay of Durrës, which we fell in love with.


We still like to come here on vacation ourselves and enjoy the many wonderful encounters with our international guests.


Zani, the Guest Happiness Coordinator of our hotel is on site all year round and ensures that (almost) every wish of them will be fulfilled.