Top 10 sightseeing tips in Durrës in 2021

Explore Durrës - the ultimate trio of beach, city and countryside

Look forward to a varied and inspiring vacation in Durrës.


Hardly any other region in Albania offers as much variety as this multi-faceted bay around Durrës, on the Adriatic Sea. Travel argument number one is of course the idyllic sandy beach with the gently sloping coast, which is perfect for a beach holiday.


But if you are looking for alternatives to a day at the beach, you will find it in the area thanks to numerous historical sights: Durrës is rich in Roman and Byzantine heritage and has some scenic surprises to offer, that will make your holiday unforgettable.


We have summarized our top 10 recommendations for you on how to spend your vacation in and around Durrës:

    1. Enjoy your day at Durrës Beach

    Durrës beach is the largest in Albania and is therefore a popular holiday destination for its compatriots.


    Thanks to its water quality and its child-friendly sandy beach, it offers perfect conditions for a family holiday. With its length of 10.5 kilometers, there is enough space for public and private beach sections with sun beds and umbrellas.


    If you are looking for more action, you will find it at the local companies of various water sports such as jet skiing, boat tours and parasailing.


    We reccomend our partner Jetski Rental Durres for thrilling rides through the adriatic sea.


    2. Visit the venetian Tower

    The Venetian tower of the medieval city walls welcomes you right at the entrance to the old town.


    A staircase takes you up to the platform on the roof - here you can enjoy one of the best views over the old town.


    A small café invites you to stay and enjoy snacks and refreshments. From here you can immediately take a nice walk through the city.

    3. Stroll through Durrës City Center

    Modern and historic buildings line up side-by-side in the heart of Durrës.


    Bulevardi Dyrrah, the main shopping street, presents numerous shops and a former Byzantine market. As you walk along, you will also pass the town hall and the impressive Xhamia E Madhe mosque.


    In the city center of Durrës there are a multitude of small cafes and shops to discover, that will enrich your shopping day.


    Albania has a strong coffee culture. Take a seat and try the local pastries with your coffee while you watch the hustle and bustle of the locals.


    Don't miss a taste of the typical Byrek: puff pastry filled with meat, spinach or cheese - delicious as a breakfast and snack in between.

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    4. Explore the ancient Amphitheatre

    Visit the Roman amphitheatre from the 2nd century AD, which was even nominated for a World Heritage Site.


    It was built during the reign of Emperor Trajan and is one of the largest amphitheatres in the Balkans. Up to 20,000 visitors are said to have watched the gladiator fights and other spectacles here.


    Today the excavation is only partially uncovered but it is definitely worth a visit! A small chapel protrudes from the rows of seats on the west side.


    There you will discover the only Albanian mosaics on the walls that are still preserved today.

    5. Take a trip back in time at Durrës archaeological Museum

    The Durrës archaeological Museum (Albanian: Muzeu Arkeologjik) was founded in 1951 and is the largest archaeological museum in the country.


    To the north of it, see the remains of the 6th-century Byzantine walls, built after the Visigoth invasion in 481. In the entrance area, the earth goddess Gaia and other large statues greet their visitors.


    On the ground floor you will find exhibits from early history and ancient Greece, while the upper floor is dedicated to Roman history.

    6. Walk down the promenade to Ventus Harbor

    Ventus Harbor is the largest port in the country and is therefore of great importance for the region.


    It connects Albania with Italy and offers several public ferries to Bari, Ancona and Trieste. Numerous cafés, restaurants and bars can also be found around the harbor. The pier is a nice place to walk into the sunset.


    At it´s end you will find a restaurant where you can enjoy excellent seafood specialties as well as an endless view over the Adriatic Sea.


    After dinner, the spacious promenade invites you for a stroll.

    7. Head to a vineyard and sample Albania´s finest wines

    Take a trip to one of the many wineries in the area and taste Albanian wine.


    You will be thrilled.


    You can also take the opportunity to explore the surrounding green hilly landscape and observe the differences in landscape.

    “Give a girl the right shoes,
    and she can conquer the world.„
    Marilyn Monroe

    8. Plan a day trip to Tirana

    Tirana, the capital of Albania is only 30km away from Durrës and is a great idea for a day trip.


    The colorful architecture will surprise you and is ideal for colorful photo memories. With the Dajti Ekspres, a cable car at the east end of the city, you get a perfect overview of the city.


    After the 15 minute ride you are ready to explore the shopping streets and sights of Tirana: Don´t miss a visit at the pyramid, Skanderbeg square and the bell tower.

    9. Visit Cape of Rodon and St. Anthony Church

    A wonderful place for a day trip is the headland called „Cape Rodon“ (also called Skanderbeg Cape) in the north of Durrës.


    It is almost 10 km long and still shows ruins of the fortress that Skanderbeg had built at the top.


    Not far away you will discover the Church of Saint Anthony, which was built in the 12th century. The Cape of Rodon is perfect for short hikes followed by a jump into the Adriatic Sea at one of it´s natural beaches.

    10. Enjoy a sundowner at Vollga Promenade

    The Vollga Promenade is probably the hippest section of the promenade in Durrës.


    This is where the young people of the area like to show up and meet for drinks or dinner at sunset. In the early evening, a small amusement park comes to life and entertains the little visitors.


    During the day, the narrow stretch of beach on the Vollga Promenade is well attended.


    The fisherman statue on the bank is a popular photo motif.

    Looking for a restaurant?

    The following places in the area we would highly recommend
    Bar Restorant Pampas
    Restaurant at Villa Arberia
    Kodra Kuajve "Horses Hill"
    Hotel Villa Pascucci
    Agroturizëm Gjepali
    Bar Restorant Pampas
    Dolce Vita, Golem Ngjitur me, Durrës 2001, Albania
    Located just 100m south of Beach Front Marilyn on Golem beach. Daily fresh fish and seafood thanks to own fishing boat. Inexpensive and very tasty.
    Restaurant at Villa Arberia
    Shkembi i Kavajes, Rashbull, 2021, Albania
    300m north of Beach Front Marilyn on the promenade. In this family business you can enjoy Italian dishes and traditional specialties at excellent prices.
    Kodra Kuajve "Horses Hill"
    Shkallnur, Durres Albania
    Beautiful excursion restaurant on a hill overlooking Durrës with associated riding establishment. Enjoy traditional dishes with a breathtaking view over the entire bay of Durrës.
    Hotel Villa Pascucci
    Rruga Shkembi i Kavajes, Durrës 2008, Albania
    Exclusive, high-priced restaurant in 5-star hotel with impressive wine cellar.
    Rruga Currila, Durrës 2001, Albania
    Trendy restaurant on the Vollga Promenade. Enjoy experimental sushi with cool music and best service.
    Agroturizëm Gjepali
    Gjepalaj, Shijak/Durres, Albania
    Enjoy traditional Albanian dishes of lamb, beef and quail chickens, which are raised here. There is also a children's playground.